How to be a good Breeder
This is one of the most important information pages we provide. Please read it carefully if you are considering breeding any animals. While of coarse its wonderful to be around puppies there is a large amount of work involved to be a good breeder.

First, You should be very knowledgable about the breed you are interested in breeding. You should be able to answer any questions about the history, health and temperament of the breed. Prospective buyers will want to know everything about their new family member so be prepared to spend hours speaking with them both prior to and after your puppy has sold.

You need to care about any life you help bring into this world. This means good care for the prospective parents, high quality food for all involved and routine vet visits.

You need to know your sending the puppies into loving homes. Pups Plus is a service that screens potential families prior to allowing them to purchase a puppy. If You do not use this service make sure you have a application process as well as a purchase agreement to protect Your puppies.

Never release a puppy to its new home prior to 6 weeks. Ideally the best time is 8 weeks of age. Make sure the puppies are fully weaned and have had their first shot. Also instruct the buyers that the puppy is not fully protected from diseases like parvo until they are 12-16 weeks of age AND have received 3-4 of the DHLP shots

You must have references. A good breeder will provide as many references as you ask for, willingly. It's also a good idea to ask for a veterinary reference, too. If this is Your first litter, make sure to have statements from People who know your interaction with Your own animals.

Provide lots of information. You can never give a buyer too much. Give your buyers a baby book, health record, information pages and more. They should provide all the needed information to register your dog with a breed club Always provide information about raising, training, feeding and proper veterinary care.

Keep an accurate health history of the puppies and parents. Screen the parents for typical diseases associated with their breed PRIOR to breeding. Make sure the parents are up to date on their own vaccinations as the mother antibioties protect the babies for the first few weeks of life.

Have a return policy in place. You should be willing to replace the puppy if any genetically-linked illness occurs. Also if for any reason, you buyer cannot keep the puppy, a good breeder will gladly take the pet back or help you find a new owner.If You use Pups Plus to list your puppies, they always offer rehome help with any puppy sold.

If You are ready to be a responsible breeder, or You already have successfully bred and You are looking for advertising and customer service help, contact admin@pupsplus.com - They can build You a website at no charge and help You sell Your puppies at no cost to You (a Fee is applied to the puppies purchase price which the buyer pays)
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