Avoid Online Puppy Scams
Online scams have been around since the internet was invented. They target all aspects of online buying, selling, applying for jobs, and more. If You place or respond to ads, especially on free sites like craigslist, chances are You have dealt with a scammer.

For Sellers: If You place an ad, you will get "buyers " responding with emails asking for the last asking price and the condition of the item your selling. They will ask to pay you more than what your asking and want you to refund the difference back to them. The do this because they will pay you with a fake check or money order. You will give them money only to find out what they gave you isnt real and your out the entire payment.

For Buyers: You will see a ad that seems too good to be true. It will be a item in great condition. It might even be a beautiful puppy for free or very cheap. It might be a fully loaded car for next to nothing. There will be a email address to respond to or maybe even a phone number. Chances are if there is a phone number it will be fake. They will ask you for money to be wired, using money gram or western union. If the item is free, they will say all you have to do is pay the shipping. They will want it wired to them. Do not do it. You will never see that money again and you will get nothing in return. Always use paypal to pay for ANYTHING online. Paypal protects their buyers and if you dont get what you paid for They will get Your money back
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